The Society has been going strongly in Perth for over fifty years. Meetings are held about four times a year at different venues and locations. We also have regular daytime events. Once a year, we celebrate the most important event on the Welsh calendar, St David’s Day, with a sumptuous formal dinner. We also have a close affiliation with the Welsh Free Church of Western Australia.

To be a member it is not essential that you speak Welsh, or were even born in Wales. We do, however, hope you share in the love of Wales and all things Welsh.

The formal objects of the Society are:

1. the advancement and promotion of Welsh Culture generally and Welsh music, language, customs and pursuits in particular;

2. the cultivation and fostering of a love for the interest of art, literature, music, history and sports of Wales;

3. the operation and maintenance of the Association for the benefit of members generally; and

4. to secure the affiliation of all Welsh Societies and clubs established or to be established in Australia and in particular, in Western Australia.

Member fees are $25 per person, per annum.

For further information, contact our President, Samara Kemp phone 0451 918 035, our Vice President, Heather Nicholls phone 0400 049 486, or our Secretary, Karen Corkhill by email.

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