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We recently received the following email from Tanya Winn:

Hello. A good friend of mine in NZ has asked me if l can help track down possibly her dad's last living relative on his dads side. John Davies moved from Wales in the late 1940's and last saw his cousin in 1950 in Perth as they sailed onto NZ.

This what John could remember about his cousin;

Myrddin Davies

Born 1943

His parents where Thomas & Beryl Davies, " Brynglo" (farm) - Penygros

Parents arrived in Perth just before World War 2

Any advice or help you could give would be great. John was born in Penygros on Sept 2 1934 and would love to track down his cousin.

Thanks so much.

Tanya Winn

If anyone has any information, please contact me & I will pass on Tanya's contact details.

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Hello, I saw this and am from Penygroes (Carmarthenshire) to which this possibly relates to - I also used to live in Perth, but am back in Wales. Can you confirm the Farm details for me and I will see what info I can get? I can be contacted on
may be it is possible.