Welsh writer, JM Bayliss, publishes new books

'Rare Earth' and 'Valley Noir Valley Blanc'

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Mark Bayliss, writing as JM Bayliss, recently published his second and third books.

'Rare Earth' is a dark, high concept thriller, set mainly in Blaenavon, Wales, but has a strong Australian influence. The main protagonist is a young woman called Lauren, from Westonia, in Western Australia.

'Valley Noir Valley Blanc' is an anthology of Mr. Bayliss' Wales inspired short stories. This book includes "Taste the Darkness", the "Henshaw International Short Story Competition" winner from December 2020. A poignant story about two young children trapped in a Welsh coal mine 150 years ago. https://www.henshawpress.co.uk/december-2020/ 

Mr. Bayliss' debut novel, published in November 2020, is called "The Lucidity Programme", and is also set in Wales. All three books are available on Amazon globally as paperback and Kindle, or obtainable from good bookshops in Australia.

Mr. Bayliss says that he has adopted the Welsh Valley Noir theme for all his books, and appears to be the first to use that term in the Welsh sense. He grew up in the historic iron and coal mining town of Blaenavon, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and now lives in Pontypool, Wales. He is secretary of the Hay Writers Circle, in Hay-On-Wye, https://thehaywriters.wordpress.com/welcome/ , and will be performing one of his stories at the Hay Festival this June. More information about Mark and his books can be found on his website: https://www.jmbayliss.com/

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