By Dr. Neil L. Thomas

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Dr. Neil L Thomas recently completed a manuscript "King Arthur Lives" six gigabytes, hundred pages, which has a back cover blurb:-


Get to know the life and times of the real and famous King Arthur. Born in north Wales about AD 460, he was the son of King Uther and Queen Igerna. King Arthur led British forces to twelve victories between AD480 and 495, defeating Britain's many foes seeking booty, slaves and territory. The Dream of Rhonabwy story tells how King Arthur and his alter ego Owein played a board game gwyddbwyll during a battle. The Dream is  symbolic description of fighting; five British legions defeated the Saxons at the battle of Gorwynnion in AD 495. A generation later, King Arthur's Christian forces defeated pagan Saxons led by Osla Big-knife at the Battle of Cerdicesford in AD 519. The same year, King Arthur's last engagement at the Battle  of Camlan was fought against the notorious rebel Prince Medraut; both leaders died. The most likely place of Arthur's internment is near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The Arthurian Age ended following the eruption of an Indonesian volcano in AD 535 which marked the beginning of Britain's Dark Ages that lasted more than three centuries.

Dr. Thomas would welcome the opportunity to discuss the book contents and hopefully be given a supportive comment or two. It is the author's intention to upload the manuscript to the Net.. Contact the author by email: bigrox33@bigpond.com    

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