St David's Day Dinner - Monday 1st March 2010

General News

Update: Photos of the Dinner can be viewed here.

The St David's Day Dinner will again be held in the AFA Club at the RAAFA complex in Bull Creek Drive, Bull Creek, on Monday 1st March from 6:30pm.

Cost will be $38 per head including pre-dinner drinks from the bar.  Drinks at the table will be at diner's expense.

Please advise Tony Hall on 9446 5738 numbers attending asap but no later than 21st February.  Payment can be made at our meeting on 17th February or by post.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sylvia Williams


Site technical problem

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The company that hosts this website is currently having some technical problems and as a result, contact by email is not working.  They hope to have it fixed by Friday 18 December.  If you do need to send me a message, you can use the Guestbook link and then tick the box that says "private message". 


December 09 Newsletter

General News

You are in for a treat for this edition.  As well as details of coming events, the usual comings and goings, it has some very interesting articles, and other member's contributions.

Our next newsletter will be in February. Stories, Poems, Welsh recipes, news items are all wanted. See you all next year.


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Prospero Productions

General News

I recently received an email from Laura Stevens requesting assistance.  If you think you can help, please let me know & I'll pass on her email address.


I hope you dont mind me contacting you, I am writing from a TV production company called Prospero Productions, we are based in Fremantle.  I am currently working on the development of a few programme ideas, in conjunction with another production company based in (my home city of) Cardiff.  I wanted to ask therefore if there is a member of the Welsh Society who might be able to have a chat with me at all?  At this early stage I wouldn't need a huge amount of information, just a general chat about the Welsh in Australia/WA.  If you know of anyone I might be able to contact - I would be hugely grateful.

Many thanks indeed for your time and I look forward to  hearing from you very much indeed

Best wishes

Diolch yn fawr


Laura Stevens
Prospero Productions 21 Blinco Street Fremantle Perth WA 6160 Tel: +61 (0)8 9336 6006  

T. Morris Owen - Bard

General News

I have received a request from Nydia Lehmann for help in translating.  If anybody can help, please let me know & I'll put you in touch with Ms Lehmann.



I am wondering if you are able to assist me. In 2004 I started researching the family heritage of a dear friend Enid Morris Williams nee Owen. His bardic name was John Thomas Morris Morgan Owen and was born according to various sources either 1885 and 1887. I have gathered information from the National Library of Wales and the National Museum where his recordings are kept.  I have a recorded historic interview with him from 10/09/63 and now have been provided with a transcript which is in the Welsh language. Sadly my elderly friend, Mr Owen’s eldest daughter has recently passed away.  It has been a great loss to us.  She could read and speak Welsh, her adult children who migrated to Australia in the early 70s do not. Would there be anybody in your association that would be able to translate the interview, which I believe covers his life history.  Enid had wanted me to do this for her children and grandchildren so they had an awareness and understanding of their Welsh heritage. It is a hand written transcript which I could fax or post.  Mr Owen was a member of the Gorsedd of Bards and an active exponent of the language.

I look forward to your reply.


Kind regards



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